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About Bonapart & Associates

What makes us different? At Bonapart & Associates, we believe that what most clients want and deserve is assistance in developing a cost-efficient and socially responsible strategy for resolving their problems. Any lawyer can advise you regarding your legal rights. Any lawyer can file a lawsuit on your behalf. Bonapart & Associates specializes in educating and empowering clients to devise practical approaches for handling difficult disputes. Our background and training in mediation allow us to take a collaborative approach toward problem-solving based on each side's needs and interests, often saving clients significant time, money and heartache.

Our firm holds a highly regarded reputation as tough and effective litigators giving both adversaries and their clients incentive to work together to resolve mutual problems. In the minority of instances where the collaborative approach is rejected or fails, we have a successful track record of prevailing on behalf of clients through arbitration, trials, and dispositive motions. 'Practical Solutions For An Impractical World' is more than just a slogan; at Bonapart & Associates, it is our guiding philosophy.

Lead Attorney, Barri Kaplan Bonapart

Barri Kaplan Bonapart Bio

With over two decades of extensive experience in complex commercial litigation, tree and neighbor law, and mediation, Ms. Bonapart is the "go-to" person when you need assistance with complex commercial or property disputes.

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